provider-circleThe provider community has been a well recognized extension of the payer for many years, providing for a variety of ancillary services. The aggregators of service have been effective at meeting the needs of patients and claimants alike. As the payer base has grown, so has the service offering and sales reach of many of the providers.

Provider Benefits

Providers now have access to payers in Workers Compensation, Auto, Consumer Driven Health Plans, and Group Health. The benefits to becoming a credentialed provider with MSQ include:

  • Cost Effective Sales Team Extension: Extend the reach of their current sales efforts
  • Market Driven Data Analytics: Gain deeper market understanding through report analysis of all quotes supplied
  • Quality Improvement Program: Review payer feedback through a standard Quality Rating Process
  • Expand Market Reach: ability to reach multiple payer types without incurring increases in overhead costs

For information on how to become an approved provider with MSQ, please email with your questions.

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