The provider community has been a well recognized extension of the payer for many years, providing for a variety of ancillary services. The aggregators of service have been effective at meeting the needs of patients and claimants alike. As the payer base has grown, so has the service offering and sales reach of many of the providers.

With more than 40 years of healthcare experience with both payers and providers, MSQ has been designed to perfect the procurement of quotes for medical services. With healthcare reform comes the opportunity to improve not only access but also the process by which goods and services are obtained. Technology can be a powerful tool for any company and industry when it is designed with the primary function of improving the underlying processes and exceeds the needs of the end users.

In analyzing the existing processes by which payers utilize to obtain provider quotes it is obvious that improvements to efficiency and costs can be realized. From a provider standpoint, the manual process of providing quotes is also limiting in that they may not reach all payers in need of quotes as well as feedback on quote results is limited. The current environment for both payers and providers is ripe for improvement and thus MSQ was born.

With our process, MSQ has designed a database which both payers and providers can work from in order to meet the needs of patients. This technology matches the needs of payers with qualified providers in an automated web environment in order to expedite the quote process. Winning quoters are able to preserve the payer relationship by working directly with the payers upon winning quotes.

The creators of MSQ have identified the issue in the procurement of quotes and have provided for a means to cure this issue. Our hope is that we bring efficiencies to both payers and providers for the request for quote process while at the same time ensuring that patients receive the best care possible.

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